Daniele Grosso


Saltwater popping and jigging

Daniele Grosso “Rusene” is an Italian angler who has been fishing ever since he could hold a rod in his hands.

He started off like many young anglers with freshwater fishing and soon realised he could not resist casting a lure every time he would be close to a lake, pond, river or creek. It did not take long before the technique was properly honed and the first big fish started to hit his lures. From bass to pike and perch, his trajectory covered most of the freshwater predator species present in Italy and ended up naturally to saltwater fishing.

The first experiences with seabass, bluefish and other popular Mediterranean species were his initiation to the sea and from that moment onwards he has gradually pushed his knowledge and commitment towards new boundaries, new places and new friends. “Learning and perfecting are never-ending, high-demanding commitments,” – he claims – “and this is why I set no limits for myself, as every adventure, every new friend and even every cast can potentially teach you something new.”

He has currently fished some of the biggest tropical trophy fish ever (Grouper, Napoleon Wrasse, Barracuda, Tuna and many more, most importantly huge GT) in some of the best spots the world has to offer, building a reputation for himself amongst the tropical big game angling community.