Fishing Logs

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Kalimantan stream fishing for Sebarau

In February 2020 we joined some old friends to go fishing in Kalimantan, on Borneo island (Malaysia). We needed few days off in the wilderness to focus just on fishing. So we hopped on a boat and sailed upstream…

Castaway into a mysterious Jungle

West Papua: a hidden gem suspended in time in the South East, where competing tribes still rule the land and the water, and where huge Papuan Black Bass lurk in murky rivers.

A Chopper to Salmonids’ Heaven

It takes probably al least three flights to reach the tiny airstrip of Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, and another couple of hours by chopper to be dropped on the river. But salmon and trout fishing cannot really get much better than this.

Walking the Dog for Barramundi

Fishing in Mackay with BKK ambassador Mick Hassett made us discover the beauty of fishing barra on topwater lures.

The Toman that Made my Day

Being an angler in South East Asia means that sooner or later you are gonna have to deal with your initiation to adulthood: big Toman!

Pilot – The First Mama

Pike anglers will always remember the feeling of landing their first real croc in their home waters.

The King of Kings

Testing of a new livebait fishing J hook brought us to New Zealand, where I met one of the most incredible fish ever seen in my life.